The Dangers of Not Properly Cleaning Off Your Mascara

Mascara can be one of the most-prized possessions of any makeup kit. With a single swipe of the (pun intended) wand, you can fill out your lashes and instantly appear more awake and ready to face the day head-on.

Unfortunately, if not removed correctly, this quick and easy solution for darker, thicker, plumper lashes can cause more problems than you might think.

Woman whith her hair tied back applying mascara


It’s nighttime, you just got home, you’re tired, and you want to go to bed. It’s easy to be tempted to lay down without taking off your makeup, but before you do, you should understand the risks.

People often forget that eyelashes are small hairs, just like the ones on your head. When your hairs dry out, they become brittle and break — and the same happens with your eyelashes! Mascara can dry overnight, and as it dries, it stiffens your eyelashes, causing them to dry and fall out.

Not only can you lose eyelashes from not cleaning off your mascara, when your eyelashes become stiff, they can even scratch your cornea and cause vision damage.

It can also lead to dry eye, styes, chalazia, and more irritating health problems. This makes properly cleaning off your makeup every night especially important.


We all know that dreaded look — the one where a single tear, sprinkle of rain, or even bit of sweat causes your mascara to take you from looking incredible to looking raccoon-like. This problem is far-reaching, but there’s a simple solution: waterproof mascara.

This can be a lifesaver when you need it, but when you wear waterproof makeup, you also need to find a hygiene solution that can penetrate the mascara and truly clean off your eyelashes.

This is because waterproof mascara is so effective at staying on lashes, it can be hard to remove even when you want to take it off. Even if you try to properly remove your mascara at night, completely removing waterproof makeup can be difficult when not using the correct cleansing products.

woman, half in frame, gently touching her temple with her fingers.  Her eyes are closed.
Overhead closeup of a woman's eyelid as she applies individual false eyelashes.


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that mascara — especially many name-brand mascaras — contain a lot of chemicals. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of these chemicals are potentially hazardous toxins.

Many mascaras contain parabens, aluminum powder, retinyl acetate, formaldehyde, and propylene glycol, among other dangerous chemicals. When using a mascara, it’s important to understand just what you’re putting on your eyes and what you’re doing to take that product off — the last thing you want to do is let these chemicals sit on your eyelashes and eyelids for unsafe amounts of time.


A lot of us are guilty of using products after their expiration or “use by” dates, despite our best judgements. Some find it hard to throw away their favorite tube of mascara despite the product having an average shelf life of 2-3 months.

In a study conducted by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, it was found that out of 44 mascara-users, 43 participants reported using their makeup after its expiration date. And an analysis of their mascara revealed that a disturbing 79% of the samples contained staph bacteria.

The tendency for mascara to quickly form bacteria and put you at risk for dangerous infections is yet another reason to take eyelid hygiene seriously!

Cleaning off your eyelids with the correct cleaning solution can potentially protect you from infections that could threaten your vision.

closeup of a closed woman's eyelid with peach makeup across the edge of the lid
woman with her hair pulled back in a headband uses a makeup pad to remove makeup from her eye


Mascara can make your eyelashes look exceptional, but it can also cause lashes to fall out, lead to infections, damage your cornea, and cause even more frustrating, painful conditions if not cleaned off effectively and thoroughly each and every night.

Luckily, we have the perfect solution.

Using a patented blend of cleansing tea tree oil and moisturizing coconut oil, our Blephadex wipes, warming wipes, and foaming cleanser are specially designed to clean your eyelids. By using Blephadex wipes each day, you can safely and effectively remove mascara, as well as protect your eyes against painful conditions like dry eye and Demodex mite infestations.

You don’t have to say goodbye to mascara, you just need to say hello to the cleansing powers of Blephadex!