Eyelash Mites Causing Rosacea: It Could Happen To You

closeup of a person's nose with red blotches indicitive of rosacea


Demodex mites have been found to be the cause of many cases of rosacea, blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), and even some cases of acne. Demodex mites are microscopic bugs that are in the spider family. The mites eat the skin and oils found in hair follicles. Though the mites only have a lifespan of a few weeks, they reproduce very quickly. When they die, they leave behind a burst of feces and bacteria.

The bacteria in the Demodex mites’ feces is actually what causes most of the harm, not just the mites’ presence alone. In those with compromised immune systems, this can lead to rosacea, including the most severe form of rosacea, papulopustular rosacea, which is rosacea with lots of boil-like painful pustules that resemble severe acne.

What Sort Of Adverse Effects Will They Cause Me?

The bacteria that these mites produce when they die can seriously affect humans both physically and emotionally. Many sufferers of rosacea have reported feeling depressed as a result of their symptoms. They say that the redness, the pustules, and the uncontrollable flushing are as embarrassing as they are painful. In fact, 75% of patients say rosacea lowers their self-confidence, and 60% say it affects their professional interactions.

Demodex mites can also play a role in substantially worsening many rosacea patients’ physical condition. Studies show that rosacea sufferers have up to ten times more Demodex mites on their skin than others. Since Demodex mites try to catch humans when their immune system isn’t at peak, patients with an already painful skin condition are great candidate for the mites to call home. On top of that, if the mites are misdiagnosed or mistreated, they could continue to multiply and conditions can get worse.

Studies also show that the same stress that triggers rosacea flare-ups can also change the chemical makeup of your facial oils, making them more appealing to Demodex mites. This kind of painful, flaring rosacea is described to be “life disrupting,” and unfortunately affects close to fourteen million Americans.

What Can I Do For My Rosacea?

While there is no direct link between Demodex mites and rosacea, there is a very strong correlation. The mites are quite resilient, and don’t react to many different ointments, creams, or medications, including metronidazole, a go-to rosacea drug. Tea tree oil is the only known natural ingredient that can kill the mites. but it’s quite harsh and can be harmful to skin, especially around the eyes.

Fortunately, there are products on the market that contain tea tree oil and are specially formulated to treat Demodex mite infestations. Blephadex eyelid wipes contain a patent blend of tea tree and coconut oils that safely treat and kill Demodex mites while leaving your eyes soothed and refreshed.